Zhenya has an architectural education and worked in the construction industry for eight years. She worked as the chief project architect and chief project engineer until June 2019.

Zhenya began to study illustration in 2011 and painted every evening. She worked as an architect all day and drew fashion in the evening.

She started a blog on Blogspot and published illustrations in 2011. Gradually began to receive orders to create an illustration for other bloggers. It has been popular on Blogspot.

She received her first big order in 2014 when Revlon ordered a face chart for London Fashion Week. This order was limited in time.

Zhenya completed the order and realized that she should draw and practice more in fashion illustration.

Now Zhenya devotes all the time to illustrations. She has created educational projects and teaches stylization illustrators.

Zhenya collaborates with magazines, brands, stylists, and online schools.